Aquatic ecosystem services - assessment, management and socio-economic challenges

27-28 November 2019

The symposium aims to overview the state-of-the-art knowledge on aquatic ecosystem services, from the (anthropogenic) pressures to the condition of rivers and lakes and the diversity of benefits that humans obtain from these ecosystems, including the possibilities and potential drawbacks of quantifying natural systems. We would like to highlight the importance of freshwater ecosystem service studies, which - we believe - need considerable investments from both the scientific and funding sides. This two-day symposium will facilitate the formation of a vivid community of freshwater ecosystem services researchers.

Co-organised by the Centre for Ecological Research (CER), the Hungarian Water Science Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Bodensee e.V. (KWBo)

Supported by the Project Danube Water Net, co-financed by the Baden Württemberg Stiftung (Germany), IPBES 2.0 (National Research, Development and Innovation Fund), the National Water Science Program (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and the Ecology for Society project (MTA KEP).